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Project Management vs. Change Management- A Creative's Take.

Project vs. Change Management

Let's go on a voyage to the heart of a film studio. This place, where imagination meets technology, creates captivating tales that delight audiences worldwide. Picture two integral characters – the Director, akin to a Project Manager, and the Screenwriter, resembling a Change Manager. Ready for this cinematic journey? Let's dive into the world of Project Management and Change Management using this lens.

Scene 1: Lights, Camera, Action! - The Saga of Project Management

As the studio lights illuminate our scene, the Director (Project Manager) takes the helm. Their mission is to bring the movie to life, from the initial concept to the premiere. Each film (project) has its unique script (plan), cast (team), and production design (resources). The Director's role is to orchestrate all these elements and ensure the movie unfolds as envisioned.

In the realm of business, Project Managers aim to accomplish a specific goal within a set timeframe and budget. Like our Director, they manage the project scope, distribute tasks, delegate roles, and mitigate risks to deliver the intended outcome, be it a new product, service, or internal reform.

Scene 2: Crafting the Story - The Universe of Change Management

Now, let's take a step back and focus our lens on the Screenwriter (Change Manager). Although not always in the limelight, their work is integral to the movie-making process. They craft the plot (change strategy), develop characters (stakeholder analysis), and, most importantly, ensure the storyline resonates with its audience (employees).

Similarly, the Change Manager assesses how a change, often resulting from a project, will impact employees and stakeholders. They devise strategies to manage resistance, encourage acceptance, and ensure that everyone is prepared to adapt to the new processes or culture. In a nutshell, Change Managers help the organisation's cast to confidently and competently perform their new roles.

Scene 3: When Worlds Merge – The Collaboration

As we roll into our final scene, it's clear that these roles aren't just related – they are profoundly interconnected. Each film (project) presents a new storyline (change), requiring the Director and Screenwriter to harmoniously collaborate for a successful release. A Project Manager can flawlessly plan and execute a project, but if the people involved aren't ready for the change, the project may not reach its full potential. Conversely, a Change Manager can develop a comprehensive change strategy, but without the structure of a project, the change might not be implemented or sustained effectively.

In essence, a triumphant organisational change is a blockbuster hit when competent Project Management meets considerate Change Management. The Director and Screenwriter, working in concert, ensure not just a successful opening night but also a lasting impact well after the credits roll.

The Wrap: Key Takeaways

As the final cut is made, let's recap the fundamental differences and symbiosis between Project and Change Management:

  1. Focus: Project Management emphasises tasks, timelines, and tangible deliverables, while Change Management concentrates on the people affected by those tasks and deliverables.

  2. Scope: Project Management deals with a specific project within a finite timeline, whereas Change Management addresses the broader impact of that project and its adoption throughout the organisation.

  3. Success Metrics: Project Management success is generally measured by on-time delivery within budget, whereas Change Management success depends on the level of adoption and effective usage of the implemented change.

  4. Interdependency: Despite their distinct roles, Project Management and Change Management are deeply interconnected. The success of a project depends on the effective management of both tasks and people involved.

The applause echoes through the screening room as the Director and Screenwriter finish their final scene. The lights come on, and we walk away with a nuanced understanding of Project Management and Change Management. As spectators, we now appreciate the intricate dance of structure and empathy, the behind-the-scenes choreography that propels organisations towards their envisioned futures.

And... cut!

To discover how Envisago can help you on your change journey through effective change and project management, contact us today at or book a call.


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