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Industry: Media/Communications

Organisation: Content Marketing Agency, London UK

Goal: To Optimise Processes and establish a Foundation for Growth


The Challenge

Our client creates and produces content for some of the world's leading brands, and also produces film and documentary shorts which have received BAFTA (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts) nominations. This creative agency had grown organically for over a decade and has prided itself on its creative working environment and people culture. However cracks were beginning to appear; Client complaints and attrition were increasing, new client acquisition had stalled, and there were growing levels of dissatisfaction amongst staff and management. 

The Solution

Through our Envisago Management System assessment, we discovered a range of operational ills;

  • The agency had no longer term strategic plan, and was operating in constant fire fighting and reactive mode

  • There was no capacity to onboard new clients and projects

  • Roles for staff were poorly defined, resulting in overlap and duplication in some areas, while other areas were under resourced

  • Communication from management to the team was ad hoc, and performance expectations for the team and individuals were not communicated clearly

  • Clear scope of work requirements, performance expectations and contractual obligations were not in place for all contract and freelance staff

  • There was no coherent strategy for new client acquisition resulting in ineffective and inefficient bid proposals

  • There was poor understanding of the realistic time-frames required to design and deliver new content on client projects, resulting in client expectations not being met and staff being overwhelmed

  • There was a significant gap in Key Performance Indicators and Measures to support the business

Implementation Support

Not having the expertise and resources in house, to fully deliver on our assessment and recommendations, our client engaged Envsago for Implementation Support. We identified the critical areas, where improvements would have the biggest impact and project managed the change effort.  We worked with the team to redefine their business  goals, defined and classified their key process and content services by time, value and type, to set expectations for clients, as well as set expectations internally regarding workload and resourcing. From our interaction with the team, we made recommendations regarding where critical tasks and activities should lie to match existing skill-sets. We designed an operational framework for business performance management,  which included identifying the required measures and reporting in the business, to optimise resources and results. Throughout the implementation support phase, we coached and trained staff on high performance techniques to ensure performance achievement post implementation period. 

Client Testimonial 

"We contacted Envisago at a very important period of transition and growth for our company. We knew that we needed more structure and processes in place, however as a business that had grown organically and creatively for over a decade, we were unsure of where to start. The team at Envisago were thorough, direct and innovative in their assessment and resulting suggestions. Staff engagement is now stronger than it has ever been, and our senior team is now poised and ready for a significant period of growth ahead."

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