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About Clia Doyle

With a blend of over 20 years of experience in management consulting and operational leadership, Clia stands at the forefront of operational transformation and performance enhancement. Her journey, marked by significant contributions to some of the world's premier brands, encapsulates a deep commitment to elevating operations to new heights of excellence.

As a former lead global auditor for COPC Inc., a beacon for service performance excellence and global certification, Clia has been pivotal in steering organisations towards best-in-class practices in CX and service operations management. Her forte extends significantly into CX Operations Outsourcing, having honed the skills of more than 1000 senior leaders and middle managers in high-performance management techniques, particularly for CX Operations and Vendor Management.

The inception of Envisago in 2012 marked a new chapter. Here, Clia designed and led a multitude of projects, employing lean principles to drive remarkable efficiency and operational improvements. Her structured, analytical approach to strategy execution and leadership culminated in the creation of the Envisago Management System™. This comprehensive 28-point system, distilled from Clia's extensive experience, stands as a testament to her understanding of the critical elements necessary for CX and operational excellence. It offers organisations a clear, structured pathway to enhance strategic alignment and achieve their goals.

Clia is a professional certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), adding a nuanced dimension to her consultancy approach. She holds a BA in German & Italian, a Certificate in Mathematics & Statistics, and a Masters in Business. Her blend of coaching acumen, know how, and hands-on experience ensures that Envisago is uniquely equipped to guide businesses toward unparalleled operational success and performance optimisation.

Connect with Clia: Embark on a journey of transformation with Envisago. For insights, collaborations, or consultations, connect with Clia Doyle on her profile at LinkedIn

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