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Finding your inner 'Marie Kondo' to streamline business operations!

Marie Kondo method of tidying

Marie Kondo became famous and a global phenomenon through her Netflix series titled "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo"​ helping people to organise their belongings, in turn transforming their lives. Her tidying up philosophy, on closer inspection however, isn't just for closets and drawers-:) it's a transformative approach that can also be applied to streamlining business operations. By focusing on what truly 'sparks joy,' businesses can optimise processes, increase efficiency, and enhance overall satisfaction for both employees and customers.

Understanding the Marie Kondo Philosophy

At its core, Marie Kondo's method is about valuing utility and emotional satisfaction. In the context of business operations, this means scrutinising every process, tool, and strategy to ensure they contribute effectively to the organisation's goals and enhance overall workplace satisfaction. If you're wondering how you might apply this simple philosophy in your operation, then read below for tips.

1. Assess Business Processes

  • Identify Key Operations: Like sorting through personal belongings, pinpoint the key operations and services your business offers. Evaluate their necessity and how much value they add to your customers and your business goals.

  • Eliminate Redundancies: Remove any steps in your operation that are redundant or unnecessary. This will streamline service delivery and enhance customer satisfaction.

2. Optimise Tools and Resources

  • Evaluate Tools: Regularly review the tools and technology your business uses. Keep those that improve efficiency and consider phasing out those that are no longer effective.

  • Allocate Resources Smartly: Distribute resources in a way that maximises their value, similar to how one would thoughtfully organise a space.

3. Foster a Positive Team Environment

  • Employee Joy and Engagement: Implement the 'spark joy' concept in assigning roles and tasks. Encourage team members to take on responsibilities that align with their strengths and passions.

  • Ongoing Development: Just as you would maintain items that bring you joy, invest in your team's continuous learning and growth to sustain high-quality service.

4. Simplify Communication

  • Efficient Communication: Embrace the Kondo ethos of simplicity in your communication channels. Ensure that the information flow is straightforward, easily accessible, and not overly complex.

  • Effective Feedback: Set up robust feedback mechanisms to constantly refine and improve your business operations, mirroring the continuous reassessment of what brings joy in the Kondo method.

5. Embrace Sustainability

  • Long-term Perspective: Adopt sustainable practices in your operations, reflecting the Kondo method's focus on lasting organisation and tidiness.

  • Adaptability and Resilience: Be prepared to adapt and revisit your strategies regularly, ensuring that your operations remain efficient and joy-inducing.

Applying Marie Kondo's tidying principles to business operations can be more than an organisational tactic; it's about instilling a culture of efficiency, joy, and value in every aspect of your business. By concentrating on what is essential and perpetually striving for improvement, you can transform your business operations into a streamlined, efficient, and satisfying experience for everyone involved!

If you're interested in finding out how to streamline your business operations and spark 'joy'-:) in your customers and staff, then email us at or book a free consultation call with us today.

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