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Envisago Consulting Team at Work

Consulting Services

The Envisago Management System™ Assessment

Leveraging our custom methodology, we virtually assess your service operation across 7 key areas from planning, process, customer, and metrics, to people, technology and results, to identify process and performance gaps. Our approach includes interviewing key staff members, observing workflows in action and reviewing and analysing your data and documentation. With our expert insights, we deliver a comprehensive set of Findings & Recommendations to help you meet your objectives. 

 Implementation Support

 Envisago can support you very step of the way in your operations optimisation efforts. Our Implementation Services include Business Process Reengineering, Workflow Optimisation and Automation, People Programs and Training, Performance Measurement, Tracking and Reporting and Change Management. 

The Envisago Management System™ Micro Assessment

Leveraging our custom methodology, we virtually assess your business operations across 1-2 key areas you have identified as needing attention in your operation. We conduct a process deep dive which  includes interviewing relevant staff members, observing workflows and reviewing and analysing your process data and documentation. We deliver a set of Findings & Recommendations to help you close process gaps in those critical areas and achieve improved performance.

Outsourcing Support

We offer a complete turn-key consulting solution for outsourcing, from business case development and defining requirements to developing Requests for Information (RFI)s, Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Vendor Selection and Contract Management. We work with you to find the best Partner to meet your goals. 

Coaching & Mentoring

To help you close out operational gaps, we craft a tailored support program and expertly manage it through video calls and email. This focused program provides guidance, coaching and mentorship to your staff to improve processes and accelerate your operational gap closures.

Specialised Support

In addition to our core services, we also conduct Benchmarking & Research Initiatives for our clients. We also work with partners to deliver specialised services such as Compliance in order that our clients can meet their regulatory and compliance goals. 


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