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Consulting Services

The Envisago Management System™ Virtual Audit

The Envisago Management System™ is a powerful tool for diagnosing organisational issues and improving overall performance across strategy, customer process, business process, technology, staff, metrics and key result areas. Our methodology's simple structure, flexibility, and focus areas make it a compelling option for organisations looking to future proof their operation, improve their strategic alignment and achieve better results. Our team conducts a virtual audit of your operation to The Envisago Management System™ to identify gaps and opportunities. 

Data Analytics & Decision Support

We are data focused. From OKR setting to analytics, our data analytics service includes setting KPIs and creating user friendly dashboards to help you unlock insights from your organisational data and drive informed decision-making. Our service can be structured in several stages to ensure a smooth implementation and effective use of powerful data visualisation and analytics tools.

Process Optimisation, Automation & AI

We provide business process  improvement services including Automation and AI implementation so that you can increase efficiency and effectiveness in your operation. 

From process audits to business process mapping, to Automation and AI solutions scoping and implementation support, we help you design for the future, improving operational performance, saving time, reducing cost, and helping you allocate resources effectively.

Change & Project Management

We are experts in change and project management, guiding your organisation into the future,  through periods of transition and innovation. We provide strategic direction, robust project management, and change leadership to ensure a seamless transformation and successful implementation of your business initiatives.

CX Transformation & CX Outsourcing Management

We conduct end to end journey mapping, identifying and evaluating gaps and opportunities in the customer journey so that CX can be improved for increased  revenue, customer satisfaction and retention.

We also offer a complete turn-key consulting solution for CX outsourcing, from business case development and defining requirements to developing Requests for Information (RFI)s, Requests for Proposal (RFPs), Vendor Selection and Contract Management. We work with you to find the best Partner to meet your CX goals. 

Financial  Management & CFO Services

We provide expert financial administration and CFO support to help you optimise and grow your business. With our focus on operational excellence, we combine professional financial administration with operational know how so that you can accelerate business performance into the future.  


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